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We specialize in the production and sale of protective floor frames. We provide a wide range of sizes and a large selection of colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, black, white, and many more. Self-adhesive protective floor frames can be used to clearly mark storage areas and many other surfaces, such as forklifts. These types of products work perfectly in warehouse and production environments.

We offer our customers the option to design a protective floor frame according to their individual needs. Our range also includes functional floor markers for designating routes for forklifts or pedestrian traffic.

Advantages of our protective floor frames

The high-quality protective floor frames in our offer are made of transparent material with excellent resistance to mechanical damage, including wear and tear. This makes them suitable for use in heavily trafficked areas. The colorful edges adhered to the surface are clearly visible even from a distance. Our protective floor frames allow for long-term protection of storage area descriptions and are known for their excellent adhesion. Another advantage is their ease of installation. We ensure that our products stand out with the highest level of functionality.

We also offer special protective floor frames with increased durability, which are thicker than their standard counterparts and have a longer lifespan. We provide protective floor frames in both open and closed versions.

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