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Badges serve multiple functions and are crucial for the proper organization of work within any company. They allow for quick and easy verification of employees’ identities, facilitating internal communication. Additionally, they contribute to building a professional image of the company in the eyes of customers. However, that’s not all – badges are extremely important primarily for security reasons. They help minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to various company premises.

Our high-quality badges, which we offer, can be successfully used in daily work in manufacturing facilities, office spaces, during business trips, or conferences. In our assortment, you will find many other items that facilitate work organization, such as floor stickers.

What types of badges do we offer?

We have prepared a wide selection of badges and accessories. We offer cases that can be used both vertically and horizontally – some models are equipped with compartments where two badges can be accommodated simultaneously.

We also have waterproof badge holders designed to be worn on the arm, resistant to UV radiation and low temperatures. Very practical solutions are badges with retractable mechanisms sold by us. In addition to that, our offer includes textile straps – available in a reflective version, with a detachable strap and carabiner, as well as with securing clasps.

The badge holders, lanyards, and retractable mechanisms in our assortment stand out for their durability and aesthetic design.

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