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At TLI store, you can purchase high-quality floor tapes tailored to various production requirements. In order to meet the needs of as many customers as possible, we have chosen to select our range in such a way as to gather solutions from different manufacturers. However, all variants are characterized by a combination of durability, quality, aesthetics, and high functionality. By using the products available here, you can customize your workspace to your precise needs and expectations.

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Floor marking tape – application

Floor marking tape is a popular product when it comes to broadly understood labeling accessories. It is most commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, or machine halls, where it serves as a way to designate specific paths for vehicles used to transport heavier objects. By clearly defining the paths of movement, you not only enhance employee productivity but also increase their safety. The appropriate signage system within the workspace ensures that anyone who needs to move in designated areas gains direct guidance in the form of floor marking tape for traffic lanes.

However, floor tapes are not only useful in manufacturing environments – they are also used in places such as stores, where customers, following a specific color, can reach different sections. The same applies in hospitals, where color-coded floor marking tape can indicate the way to a particular department. This product works perfectly both indoors and outdoors because it is resistant to extreme temperatures and the adverse effects of weather conditions.

Traffic lane tape – towards safety

Floor marking tape works excellently as a warning of dangers on the surface, such as steep steps, barriers, or insufficient distances from working machines. By using such solutions, you significantly improve safety in the workplace, although these types of floor tapes are seen in many public utility locations, both outdoors and indoors.

In our store, you will find many interesting options when it comes to tapes maintained in colors characteristic of warning signals. We offer solutions in:

  • Red and white;
  • Yellow and black;
  • Black and white.

Depending on your color preferences, choose a solution that perfectly fits the space where you plan to use a similar solution. We guarantee that by opting for products in our assortment, you are choosing the best solutions. Properly marked space is a guarantee of safety for your employees and customers.

Floor marking tapes – TLI store offer

Carefully selected products in our assortment are proposals from renowned manufacturers, so by choosing them, you opt for the highest quality. So, if you are interested in traffic lane tapes, choose reliability. We guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction with your purchases.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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