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In this category, we present to you a carefully curated assortment of floor markers. Understanding that work and utility spaces require markings that not only serve a functional purpose but also exhibit aesthetics, we offer products that combine both of these qualities.

The floor markers and tapes we sell are perfect for use in warehouses and larger spaces where there is a high level of activity, and thus, there is a need to designate specific pathways, such as for forklifts and pedestrians.

Floor markers – Solid Quality

The solutions we offer are characterized by the highest quality standards – floor markers consist of three layers:

  1. PVC film – a layer with a thickness of 0.35 millimeters, resistant to wear and tear, so you can confidently walk or drive over it multiple times.
  2. Adhesive tape – high-quality tape with a thickness of 0.15 millimeters ensures complete adhesion.
  3. Removable protective tape – the final, thinnest layer primarily ensures the protection of the surface, leaving the floor clean when the marker is removed.

At TLI Store, we are committed to offering only the best products to our customers, ensuring complete safety for both employees and the workspace when gathering items for marking work areas. In our opinion, floor markings should also contribute to improving the aesthetics of the space they are in. That’s why you’ll find options in our store that vary not only in terms of functionality but also in color.

Floor Markings – Applications

Floor markers are primarily intended to designate specific areas in a workspace, production hall, or other larger areas where a substantial group of people is present. Furthermore, by choosing symbols available at TLI Store, you are selecting floor markers that can be easily removed from the surface and repositioned. If the area you work in requires frequent changes in the organization of movement within it, our markings will be just right. Not only can they be easily peeled off from their previous location, but they also leave no traces of their presence. This is particularly important in large retail stores, where great attention is paid to maintaining the aesthetics of the floor.

5S Signs

At TLI Store, you will find comprehensive signage tailored to the Lean Management philosophy – managing a company in a way that maximizes the potential of available space, increases production efficiency, ensures safety and comfort for employees, and instills valuable habits for long-term work in the workspace. We encourage you to explore our offerings, where we provide 5S signs – we guarantee 100% satisfaction and confidence in your purchases.

Signage 5S and Lean Management

As proponents of Lean Management, we are pleased to offer our customers solutions that can facilitate the implementation of this philosophy within their own companies. Properly selected 5S signage is especially useful in warehouses, storage areas, and production facilities where many people work. Efficiently organizing space to increase the efficiency of each employee and provide them with greater comfort and safety is crucial. The 5S principles (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) are based on the belief that all non-value-adding activities in production should be eliminated. Therefore, 5S signs are particularly useful in situations where there is a need to control the chaos in the workspace.

Benefits of Implementing 5S in Production

The principles of 5S can significantly improve production operations. The multifaceted benefits that influence work in warehouses or production halls are truly surprising. By implementing Lean philosophy, you gain:

  • Optimization of available space
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Enhanced employee safety
  • Smoother movement within the workspace
  • Reduced time required for essential tasks

Effectively introducing 5S in the workplace also leads to greater satisfaction among employees, who, thanks to special signage, gain the ability to move more efficiently within the facility. This applies not only to pedestrians but also to vehicle operators.

Effectively introducing 5S in the workplace also leads to greater satisfaction among employees, who, thanks to special signage, gain the ability to move more efficiently within the facility. This applies not only to pedestrians but also to vehicle operators.

  • Size and shape – look for markings that suit your needs. When you are interested in marking areas for storing materials or parking vehicles, floor markings that create clearly defined spaces after proper placement will be perfect. Solutions in the shape of letters “T,” “L,” “I,” and “X” will allow you to utilize any space efficiently.
  • Color – the color of 5S markings is essential information. It is often the first thing an employee sees. On a uniformly colored background, blue or red suddenly stands out, drawing attention to the sign. Conversely, multi-colored floor markings can designate specific traffic areas.
  • Compliance with standards – remember that many markings must comply with generally accepted norms and safety requirements.

By choosing to purchase 5S signs at our store, you are opting for high-quality products that will undoubtedly improve production efficiency in your company. We encourage you to explore our available range.

How to Mark a Transport Route?

Proper and functional marking of transport routes not only enhances the efficiency of work in warehouses and production halls but also ensures the safety of personnel. According to occupational safety regulations, transport, pedestrian, and communication routes must be adapted to factors such as the type and size of transport equipment, the type and dimensions of transported loads, and the potential number of users of the given space.

Our high-quality floor markers and other products allow for clear, visible, and understandable delineation of various communication routes, including transport routes. Thanks to them, similar to our safety signs, the risk of accidents involving machines, people, and goods within a given area can be minimized, while ensuring the smooth operation of the entire facility.

Markings for Storage Areas

A storage area is a designated space in a warehouse or production hall used for temporary storage of various materials, such as pallets, crates, containers, or other goods. By using floor markers with distinctive colors, storage areas are clearly visible from a distance.

Properly marking storage areas, as well as transport routes, is important for the efficient operation of a company – it streamlines work processes, prevents organizational chaos, and avoids unnecessary downtime, which could result in financial losses.

All our floor markers stand out due to their high mechanical resistance, long lifespan, and ease of installation. They can be successfully used in various types of production facilities and warehouses with different surface areas and business profiles.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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