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We specialize in the sale of key cabinets. Made of aluminum, they are not only aesthetically designed but also highly durable, featuring resistance to mechanical damage. Equipped with a combination lock, they ensure the security of the stored keys.

We offer several types of key cabinets, differentiated, among other things, by their dimensions. We can provide cabinets that can hold 18, 36, 48, 54, and 72 keys. Inside the cabinet doors, there is space for labeling, which further facilitates organization. In the standard set, the cabinet comes with 6 key hooks.

Advantages of key cabinets

All our products, whether key cabinets, labels, or floor windows, are characterized by the highest level of functionality. We understand the importance of maintaining order in a business. An organized way of storing keys is essential not only to provide employees with convenient access to various areas but also to ensure the security of the company.

Our durable key cabinets can be successfully used in offices, production halls, warehouses, hotels, and many other corporate spaces. They are straightforward to install and feature a sturdy construction. Doors that open at a 90° angle guarantee high user comfort, and on their inner side, you can place a list describing individual keys. The hooks provided by us have innovative fasteners, making the print on them highly visible.

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