If you have any questions, please read our FAQ. If you cannot find an answer there, contact with us directly.

1. What is the lead time?

It depends on the product. For floor markings – max. 2 working days, for tapes – 3 working days, and for the remaining products – max. 5 working days.

2. How can I place an order?

Send your order at office@tli.group. Your order must include information on the demanded quantity, product code and selected colours. Your order, apart from your Company data, should include the responsible person’s contact details.

3. Is it possible to make any marking (non-standard markings)?

Yes, within the maximum size – that is the width of 650 mm.

4. Is there any minimum quantity of products in the order?

You can order any quantity you want.

5. How to prepare a surface for sticking the markings?

The surface must be cleaned and degreased before sticking the markings.

6. Which preparation should I use for degreasing the surface before application?

Use a solvent or petrol for degreasing the surfaces.

7. How to remove glue residues?

It is very easy to remove such residues by means of a solvent or petrol.

8. Are the markings suitable for the high level of forklift traffic?

The markings are resistant to standard forklift traffic.

9. What is the life span of the markings?

It depends on the operating conditions on the hall. The best conditions include a smooth surface without pollution such as the high amounts of dust, greasy coats, etc. Test our markings through ordering samples or a test batch.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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