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We specialize in the sale of first aid kits. They are an essential part of the equipment for businesses, industrial facilities, office buildings, institutions, public utility facilities, educational institutions, hotels, and many other spaces. Providing employees with access to items necessary for providing pre-medical assistance is an obligation of the employer, regulated by occupational health and safety regulations.

We offer wall-mounted first aid kits without contents. They are characterized by a sturdy construction made of durable aluminum. This material exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion, which is why our first aid kits can be successfully installed in high humidity environments. Our range also includes other products needed to ensure an adequate level of safety for employees, such as occupational health and safety warning signs.

What sets our first aid kits apart?

Our first aid kits are distinguishable by their white color and are marked with a white-green cross sticker. This makes them visible from a distance, and in a crisis situation, quickly locating them will not be a problem.

Inside the cabinet doors, there is an index sheet. The lockable first aid kit is equipped with functional pull-out drawers where you can conveniently place first aid items such as gloves, bandages, triangular bandages, plasters, and various types of dressings.

The available dimensions of our first aid kits are:

  • 400 x 302 x 118 mm – model with three drawers,
  • 280 x 302 x 118 mm – two-drawer version.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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