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In our product range, you will find a diverse selection of magnets. Such items are widely used not only in offices but also in warehouse and production spaces – wherever clear communication of various types of information is essential. Thanks to magnets, you can easily and quickly attach various documents, such as employee shift schedules, regulations, operating instructions, or meeting announcements.

The magnets we offer, just like A4 magnetic frames, significantly streamline the flow of information in businesses, regardless of their industry.

What Magnets Do We Offer?

We offer magnets in various color options, including yellow, green, red, blue, white, and black. Made from high-quality materials, they provide excellent adhesion and are equipped with practical edges that make detachment easy and user-friendly. As part of our offering, we provide the option of printing on magnets for orders exceeding 1000 pieces, with a standard set consisting of 6 pieces. The magnets we sell come in various sizes, including 15 mm, 21 mm, and 37 mm.

Our product range also includes magnetic symbols, such as triangles, rectangles, arrows, and circles. All our magnetic articles are distinguished by impeccable aesthetics combined with functionality.

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