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Contracts, cost estimates, invoices, meeting reports, graphics, summaries, internal and external business correspondence – proper storage of these materials is crucial for the efficient functioning of any business. We offer document sorters for sale. They provide convenient access to documentation, greatly facilitate its organization, and save space in office or warehouse areas.

Similar to our magnetic frames, we offer document sorters in various sizes and color versions.

What document sorters to choose?

We have a wide range of document storage accessories. Our offered sorters are available in several material variants. Those made of powder-coated steel sheet are characterized by increased durability and are designed to withstand very heavy loads. They can be successfully installed in various types of office or warehouse spaces. They have side windows for placing labels, which further facilitates document organization.

We can also offer document sorters made of polypropylene – they also exhibit high mechanical resistance. Modular versions can be freely combined and separated, thus adapting them to individual needs.

In our offer, there is no shortage of 2- and 6-compartment document sorters, as well as models equipped with 3, 5, or even 8 shelves. Such a rich assortment ensures that everyone will find an organizer suitable for their company. Our sorters are easy to install – they can be mounted on the wall or on shelves.

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