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We specialize in the sale of shelf price tag holders. We have prepared products suitable for the needs of stores, supermarkets, wholesalers, or warehouses. With our price tag holders, you can prominently display price labels, product descriptions, or other important information. Shelf price tag holders allow for a highly functional way to organize space, providing easy access to various data, thus streamlining and speeding up the purchasing process, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. When used in warehouse facilities, they significantly help maintain order.

All our products, including shelf holders, marking tapes, or floor tapes, are meticulously crafted, with a focus on the smallest details. Their high quality is the result of using very durable, damage-resistant materials.

What types of shelf price tag holders do we offer?

We offer a wide selection of shelf price tag holders. Our range includes, among others, sliding holders made of flexible and durable PVC. Each set comes with labels for descriptions or printing. We can also provide hinged holders designed to prevent accidental opening. In addition, we have magnetic strips with labels protected by transparent PVC foil.

The shelf price tag holders we sell:

  • are easy to install,
  • allow for very easy, convenient, and quick replacement of labels with information,
  • are durable,
  • feature a very aesthetic design,
  • are available in a wide range of dimensions.

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