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We invite you to explore our wide range of Laser Cut OSH signs. In our store, you can acquire solutions tailored to various spaces, characterized by clear design and high aesthetics. We firmly believe that compliance with safety and hygiene regulations can go hand in hand with visual appeal. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available OSH Laser Cut stickers in the TLI store, where you will find the most popular solutions in this area. We guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction with the purchased products and a significant increase in workplace safety.

Safety Signs – Application

Compliance with workplace safety and health principles is an extremely important aspect of organizing workspaces. This is especially true for production halls, warehouses, or industrial facilities where employees have close contact with machinery or hazardous work factors. However, safety signs (BHP-Aufkleber) are also used in laboratories, construction sites, or public spaces, as well as in buildings where many people are present simultaneously. Often, safety signs are also attached to machines to inform operators of the need for caution or specific steps during operation. The role of such labels requires them to be clear and instantly understandable. The placement is also important—they must be placed in locations visible to all persons in that area. Exit signs should therefore be positioned so that they can be immediately noticed in case of emergency, while fire protection symbols and instructions for dealing with fire hazards should be placed directly on firefighting equipment.

Safety Signs – Compliance with Standards

When producing options such as safety signs (BHP-Schilder), there should be no arbitrariness in design. Their design, shape, and color are clearly defined by top-down rules, and these rules should be adhered to if you want to offer solutions that meet modern standards. We understand this very well and therefore offer carefully selected product assortments that combine compliance with the requirements of control authorities with exceptional aesthetics and quality. In this way, you not only increase the safety of employees or people in a specific area but also do not disturb its internal design. Our many years of practice and rich experience allow us to provide services with great attention to detail, guaranteeing full satisfaction with the purchased products every time.

Safety Signs – Why Choose Us?

The TLI shop specializes in the production and distribution of products for marking workspaces (but not only). In our company, we believe that carefully selected markings can significantly improve work efficiency and hygiene. That’s why we rely on high-quality solutions suitable for the broadest possible range of applications. We invite you to view our offer – TLI safety signs (BHP-Aufkleber) guarantee safety and quality.

What Safety Signs Do We Offer?

Our product range includes both informative and warning safety signs (BHP-Schilder). We value providing our customers with comprehensive solutions that are durable and highly functional.

Our wide range of safety signs includes products that inform about:

  • pedestrian paths,
  • one-way streets,
  • left turn or right turn required,
  • paths for forklifts,
  • parking spaces,
  • locations of fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers,
  • the requirement to use safety shoes, helmets, face shields, reflective vests,
  • danger related to hanging objects, laser radiation.

Our safety signs are produced using the Laser-Cut technique, ensuring precision and detail accuracy. We allow customers to create their own safety sign designs, and we handle individual orders.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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