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Below you will find a diverse range of magnetic frames. The available variants in our store are designed to serve an informational purpose – in offices, production halls, and other work areas, but they also work excellently as decorative elements in apartments or homes. They especially stand out as part of industrial and loft-style decor, which has maintained its popularity for several years.

Effortless Installation of Magnetic Frames

Magnetic frames offer numerous advantages, but unquestionably, the ease of installation and information exchange is among the most crucial. This is particularly important in places where messages such as employee schedule changes need frequent updates. They are ideal for presenting instructions for industrial machinery. You can easily attach them to the side of a device, allowing anyone who needs to use it to quickly familiarize themselves with its operation.

Magnetic Frames – Unique Decoration

Magnetic frames, however, are not limited to workplaces. They can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a room, adding a touch of originality and breaking away from conventional interior design. This is especially true when you place an interesting illustration or graphic within them. Such a board can effectively serve as a home grocery list that can be updated on the fly. Just hang it on the fridge, insert a sheet of paper, and when a family member realizes that certain groceries are running low, they can immediately add them to the list.

Magnetic Frames Available at TLI Store

We fully understand our customers’ needs and make every effort to meet their expectations. That’s why magnetic frames in our store are available in various color options, making it easy to match them to your interior decor. Of course, we also provide frames in a distinctive warning style, offering products in:

  • White and red
  • Black and white
  • Yellow and black

These frames are perfect for displaying special fire safety markings or symbols indicating restrictions on entry, smoking, or the use of specific equipment. They are available in dimensions that allow for the presentation of markings in the most popular sizes. For those who prefer a more subdued color scheme, we offer magnetic frames in single colors—white or black. However, we also provide products in a much wider range of color variations. We invite you to explore our carefully curated selection.

Magnetic Frames – Why Choose Us?

By choosing products offered by TLI store, you are making a wise and informed choice—whether you aim to professionally convey information to your employees or seek an original way to enhance your home’s interior decor. Competitive prices combined with a high standard of magnetic frame craftsmanship guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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