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We specialize in selling warehouse pockets. They are available in various sizes and color versions, ensuring that everyone can find a product suitable for their business needs.

We offer a wide range of warehouse pockets, including magnetic, metal, neodymium, self-adhesive, or plexiglass pockets. We also have models with flaps or straps. The variety of choices translates into a wide range of applications for warehouse pockets. They can be successfully used on plastic or metal containers, wooden crates, pallets, cardboard boxes, containers, perforated metal walls, shelves, and many other surfaces. We are pleased to advise our customers on the purchase of both warehouse pockets and floor tapes.

What are the advantages of warehouse pockets?

The primary purpose of warehouse pockets is to streamline information flow within a business. These products are incredibly helpful in efficiently organizing the work of companies with various profiles and scales of operations. They allow you to label a specific item and include all necessary information about it.

One of the greatest advantages of the warehouse pockets in our assortment is their high quality. Made from sturdy polypropylene, they are exceptionally durable. We offer warehouse pockets with edges additionally protected against the harmful effects of moisture and dust. We can also provide versions with shock-resistant mounting. Our warehouse pockets will maintain their full functionality for a long time, even in very challenging operating conditions, such as environments with high dust levels.

Applications of warehouse pockets

The warehouse pocket we offer is a multi-purpose tool. It enables the storage and organization of items. These pockets are a functional gadget that finds applications in various warehouse spaces, workplaces, offices, or courier companies. You can place important information in them and then attach the pocket to a wall, door, or shelf. Our store offers models suitable for various surfaces. We offer warehouse pockets that can be placed directly, for example, on cabinet fronts.

Customers can count on a wide selection of versatile warehouse pockets in various formats. Vertical and horizontal A4, A5, and A6 warehouse pockets are highly popular.

Why choose our offer?

We specialize in the production of functional warehouse pockets, magnetic frames, and many other elements that contribute to safe and comfortable work. We provide a wide range of products so that every customer can choose the one that meets their expectations and needs. We also fulfill custom orders. Upon the customer’s request, we can create a warehouse pocket or occupational safety sign precisely tailored to the specifics of your industry.

We encourage all those interested in our offer to place orders. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or through the contact form. We are happy to answer your questions and discuss the details of order fulfillment. We also provide professional advice.

Don’t hesitate and test! Contact us to obtain proper samples.

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