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We specialize in the sale of pictograms. We supply manufacturing companies, institutions, public utility buildings, and commercial-service facilities with the highest quality products. Pictograms allow for the simple and understandable communication of various types of information. The graphic solutions we offer greatly facilitate the organization of various spaces – they enable clear labeling of rooms such as toilets, break rooms, or stairwells.

Both our pictograms and our occupational health and safety signs stand out due to their meticulous craftsmanship, resulting from the use of modern production methods and the highest quality materials.

What types of pictograms do we offer?

We offer pictograms made of polished steel. The use of such material results in very good durability parameters of our markings. Additionally, they are characterized by high aesthetic values and an elegant design. We have pictograms available in various dimensions. We can offer many shapes, including circular and square. The careful and visible print, resistant to scratches, will properly serve its informative function for a very long time. The installation of pictograms is simple – they are installed using self-adhesive disks.

Among other things, we have pictograms for marking toilets – women’s, men’s, unisex, and those designated for people with disabilities, as well as shower zones. Communicating information through the use of visual symbols is an extremely convenient and effective way to organize workplaces or any other spaces. Universal graphics are understandable to people who speak different languages, and assimilating the information contained on them takes less time than reading a written message.

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