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We specialize in the sale of informational panels. These types of systems work perfectly in office spaces as well as production halls and warehouses. You can place various documents in them, such as operating instructions, health and safety regulations, or financial reports.

Both document sorters and informational panels enable the functional organization of various materials. With their help, you can efficiently sort and store documentation, making access easy and convenient. Easy navigation through information is essential for the efficient operation of any business.

Types of Informational Panels

We offer many types of informational panels that differ in terms of installation method, construction details, capacity, and color schemes. One of the frequently chosen models is designed for wall mounting or display shelves – their installation is straightforward. They feature a solid construction and adequately protect the documents placed in them. Our magnetic informational panels are also a practical solution – made of flexible polypropylene, they can be mounted on shelves and magnetic boards.

We can also propose functional tabletop informational panels. They provide very convenient access to necessary data, are characterized by stability, and have mechanical durability. In addition to tabletop modules, we also have rotating systems with a convenient handle for easy transportation of the set.

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