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The warehouse markings available in this category are an absolute necessity for anyone involved in organizing and marking workspace in similar locations. With many years of presence in the market, we are well aware of the factors that customers pay attention to. Therefore, in order to meet their needs, we offer only the best solutions available on the market. Within our product range, you can purchase warehouse signs that significantly improve movement within the workspace.

Warehouse markings – types of labels

Broadly defined warehouse markings serve various purposes, which determine their categorization. They are most commonly divided into:

  • Health and safety (BHP) markings – their primary purpose is, of course, to create a safe environment. Warehouse signs responsible for reminding about health and safety rules are an absolute necessity in warehouses, halls, production facilities, etc.
  • Floor markings – these types of warehouse markings are located on the floors, and their most common task is to designate specific sectors and sections for space utilization in a specified manner, such as parking spaces for forklifts. They can also be used to define pathways for employees or vehicles.
  • Rack markings – thanks to a properly chosen rack marking system, navigating through the warehouse space to find desired accessories becomes much simpler. Warehouse rack markings greatly improve work efficiency and productivity.
  • Pallet location markings – organizing warehouse space is a significant factor in improving the quality and safety of work. The option to use warehouse signs makes daily tasks much easier for everyone.
  • Informational markings – the last category worth mentioning is warehouse markings related to conveying information. This includes machine labels instructing on equipment usage and other informational signs, such as symbols indicating the way to the restroom or cafeteria – which is equally important from the perspective of employees.

Warehouse markings in the light of the law

The warehouse signs available in our store are adapted to legal requirements, ensuring they successfully pass inspections by workplace safety authorities. There are very clear rules regarding the information that should be displayed on symbols. For example, rack warehouse markings must include information about maximum load capacity. This knowledge is essential to ensure that work does not endanger anyone in the warehouse. The responsibility for marking the facility and its individual elements lies with the employer, as it is their obligation to provide a comfortable and stress-free working environment for employees.

In our store, you can purchase the necessary markings, tailored to standards and requirements, to create a safe workplace.

Warehouse markings – advantages

Besides the obvious legal aspects, using well-chosen warehouse markings offers many benefits that make work in the facility more convenient and cost-effective. The use of warehouse signs is associated with advantages such as:

  • Increased employee safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined movement within the facility
  • Reduced machine and equipment breakdowns

Therefore, to improve the quality of work within the warehouse, you should focus on seemingly ordinary markings that practically transform the entire infrastructure of movement in shared spaces (both for vehicles and pedestrians) and the approach of employees, who will have clearly defined paths and spaces for storing materials.

Warehouse Signs and Lean Management Philosophy

At TLI Store, we advocate the Lean Management philosophy, an innovative approach to managing businesses, which particularly suits production facilities. This approach is based on the belief that we should maximize the potential of available space and employees while eliminating elements that negatively impact personnel and the production process. The most commonly used tool within Lean Management is the 5S system, which stands for sorting, systematizing, cleaning, standardizing, and self-discipline.

In our product range, you will find warehouse markings that will be very useful when implementing a similar model in your own business. Improving the system of movement in the warehouse, efficient utilization of available space, and maximizing the facility’s potential cannot be achieved without providing special markings to inform employees about the location of necessary materials. We encourage you to explore our offerings, as promoters of Lean Management, we provide options tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs interested in this philosophy.

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